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Anchor_Trashed Trailer
Mahindra Roxor

​Promotional Brand Video

Client: Studio TEN

This short sizzle reel intro was used to promote the launch of the newly unveiled Roxor jeep by Mahindra, a 'back to basics' off-road vehicle conceived for a market craving utter simplicity and functionality.


As a homage to the original "Willy' jeep from which the Roxor's design hails and as a celebration of the raw engineering behind it, this intro was inspired by the early vehicle instruction manuals from yester-year. A time before computerization and complexity became the norm and vehicles could be stripped and put back together by their owners. Extruded schematics, vehicle specs combined with additional artwork help share the story of how the Roxor's design came together, the end result is a tribute to the nuts and bolts approach to this jeep's inception. 

Filtered by: Network Design & Branding

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