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Sotheby's 275th Anniversary

Animated Video Loop

Client: Sotheby's


This short animated loop was created to coincide with the 275th anniversary of Sotheby's auction house. The sequence represents three distinct themes; Evergreen, Luxury and Fine Art, which relate to the company's ongoing work in selling some of the finest examples of art & design. 

Playing off of the numeric logo, the concept involved having backgrounds briefly come to life with different content relating to each theme while keeping the numbers ever present throughout the animation. The finished piece is an a short, engaging celebration of Sotheby's 275th birthday that can be looped in perpetuity. The sequence was also adapted to play on the lobby screens in Sotheby's newly designed gallery space in New York City (see below). 

Filtered by: Network Design & Branding


Rendering of animation in Sotheby's lobby

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