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For the past 20 years, Garry Waller, founder of Momentist, has worked with some of the most renowned clients in advertising, broadcast design, and documentary film. Drawing on this experience and a passion for design to serve great stories, the work is driven by a conviction to collaborate with people who are doing important things. The end result is a fusion of art and storytelling, meticulously infusing content with thoughtful design and beautiful animation that resonates with viewers.


Whether it's crafting animated elements for a feature-length documentary or a standalone branding video, the care and attention to articulate often complex ideas and bring them to life on screen continues to drive the work. Momentist is focused squarely on using thoughtful, compelling design to articulate and share ideas and stories to an ever-connected audience that are all the more enlightened for it.

To see a list of series and film projects with involvement in design and animation please visit my IMDB page.

Typical Assignments

• Title sequences and opens

• Internal film & series graphics

• Film trailer graphics

• Physical signage & installation graphics

• Promo graphics for network TV

• Branded content for TV and web


It's well-known that a beautifully crafted title sequence or opener can be a powerful hook for what lies ahead. It's a great opportunity to set the stage for viewers, immersing them in the themes and narratives present in a film, series, or event. A strong opening can offer context and backstory that can be key to the overall experience. Alternatively, it can evoke something more poetic and abstract, teasing just the right amount of information. Momentist relishes working within this precious window of time before the bigger stories play out, it has created award-winning sequences for some amazing content that strives to keep viewers in their seats and wanting to see more.

Title Sequences
& Openers

Condensing information into visually stunning and easily digestible ways is an art form, whether it's bringing archival material to life or simplifying intricate data into captivating sequences. Momentist has had the pleasure of collaborating on many important projects, helping seamlessly integrate internal graphics into the storytelling process. These internal animations have helped transform intricate ideas into visually captivating moments, making them more accessible and memorable for audiences while enhancing the cinematic experience. 

Internal Film &
Series Graphics

Trailers stand as essential pillars in the marketing of films and series, particularly in an era characterized by a deluge of content and fleeting attention spans. Yet, their impact extends beyond a great edit with compelling music. Interstitial graphics also have a role to play, and when thoughtfully curated, these brief graphical moments can help infuse themes present in a film or series. With good copy, thoughtful typography, and visually appealing textural backgrounds, they heighten the sophistication and production value, helping to elevate a trailer into bite-size storytelling powerhouses.


A strong identity always encompasses a compelling story, and motion design is the key to unlocking its full potential. It can turbocharge how the brand resonates with its audience, leaving an impression that instills personality and production value. Momentist understands the transformative power of motion design and how it can shape ideas and emotions that become aligned with brands. The advantage of having a timeline to convey these key ideas and emotions, which ultimately become synonymous with these entities, allows for endless possibilities.

Network Design
& Branding

Site-specific design and animation offer unique opportunities, often on a canvas much larger than the screens we have at home or in our pockets. The ability to combine a smart concept with beautifully crafted design and animation at scale is always a pleasure to be involved with, as it can connect with audiences in ways that surprise and resonate. In the past, Momentist has been involved with numerous projects that utilize these larger screen sizes, creating design and animation that takes full advantage of what the extra physical real estate can offer viewers.

Physical Signage &
Installation Graphics

To see a list of series and film projects with involvement in design and animation please visit my IMDB page.

Client Testamonials

“Momentist's differentiating capabilities lie with graphic and artistic talent combined with the care and collaboration that goes into all the work. Garry interprets and expresses ideas and content through beautiful, impactful motion graphics and gets it right every single time.”

- Melissa Daily, The Insight Channel


"Garry is a rare breed with an incredible level of passion and personality. He delivers top shelf design and animation in a timely manner. He is a true gem in the creative world who welcomes feedback with open arms but also knows how to sell his ideas with integrity."

- Scott Matz

Owner, Thornberg & Forrester


“Endorsements from real customers lend a personal touch to the website and can go a long way...”

Client Testamonials

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