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Momentist believes that close partnerships are always the source of great work, taking pride in the ability to understand the needs of each and every client with meaningful collaborations. The goal is always to deliver enduring design and animation that resonates and exceeds expectations, no matter the brief. Read more below on what a few clients have been kind enough to say...

"Working with Momentist was a true pleasure. Garry was totally dedicated to making clear the carbon science that was at the core of our film. He was innovative and thoughtful in looking at the issues in ways that we would never have come up with and was a real partner, his care and expertise were invaluable."

Alan Dater

Marlboro Productions

"We have had the extraordinary good fortune of working with Momentist repeatedly. Garry’s work unites deep insight, nuanced responsiveness, and ingenious creativity. We’ve never had a problem in his remit that he has not solved beautifully. And as a huge bonus for the whole team, Garry is a lovely individual and collaborating with him is a true joy."

Miranda Massie

Director, The Climate Museum

"Garry is a rare breed with an incredible level of passion and personality. He delivers top shelf design and animation in a timely manner. He is a true gem in the creative world who welcomes feedback with open arms but also knows how to sell his ideas with integrity." 

Scott Matz

Owner, Thornberg & Forrester

"Right when we needed to unite our myriad of archival sources to coalesce into a critical part of the storyline, Garry came up with a creative solution based on his strong understanding of design that married the visuals and pacing, with his instinct for storytelling. Garry established the texture of the motion graphics such that we were able to meet fair-use copyright standards, a huge saving for an indie filmmaker….and he was always a pleasure to deal with."

Linda Genereux

Producer/Director, Defy Expectations Filmworks

"Momentist's differentiating capabilities lie with graphic and artistic talent combined with the care and collaboration that goes into all the work. Garry interprets and expresses ideas and content through beautiful, impactful motion graphics and gets it right every single time."

Melissa Dailey

Founder, The Insight Channel

"Working with Momentist was a dream come true. Garry's creativity, ability to problem solve, calm under stress and unbelievable speed made the process of designing graphics for our film super easy and fulfilling. I very much hope to work with him again on future projects."

Julia Bacha

Creative Director, Just Vision

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