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Opening Title Sequence
Client: Blenheim Films

The opening titles for this feature length film evoke the sinister and dark themes of the premise about a man's battle with mental illness. Crippled by a deep depression, Luca (played by Géza Röhrig) is one of the most successful and sought after artists of his generation whose life is plagued by a demonic creature (played by Rupert Everett). The omnipresent demon that lurks in the antiquated setting of Luca's home embodies the very depression and insecurity he endures.

For the opening sequence reflected typography is used as a nod to the ever present creature. Set against the dark backdrop of broken, cracked glass the design evokes the film's sinister tone and the mental damage that Luca has sustained. As the sequence plays out we see glimpses of the creature, the dark shape little more than a shadow. The musical score by Tobias Lilja embodies the film's fearful apprehension and tension, offering up an auditory sense of dread.

Filtered by: Title Sequences & Opens

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