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Our Towns

Opening Title Sequence
Client: West City Films

This HBO documentary paints an extraordinary picture of America as two journalists, James and Deborah Fallows embark on a fascinating journey through the country to ask important questions about the towns and the inhabitants who live there. As they criss-cross the country in their small plane, they probe the question of what makes certain towns prosper and thrive while others fade and lose much of what made them so popular.

Working closely with Academy nominated directors Steve Ascher and Jeanne Jordan, the opening titles were designed to offer viewers the kinds of vantage points no doubt seen by the film's protagonists as they flew from place to place. The sequence is a brief reminder the sheer diversity and expansiveness of landscapes across the U.S. while at the same time offering a deliberate visual contrast to the very intimate portraits that follow within the film.

Additional internal graphics were created, offering viewers "bird's-eye" information on specific locations that were relevant to the narrative.

Filtered by: Title Sequences & Opens

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